Young People Are Reading Again – Hurrah!

A newspaper available in print and online in the UK has reported that young people are reading more than in recent years and that has to be a good sign for the future of the world’s culture.

Reading with children

Whether it’s because more people own Kindles or other e-readers, I don’t know, but when book sales are up 11%, writers, educators and publishers won’t mind.

Nevertheless, they do say that sales are up 11% in pounds sterling terms. I hope book prices didn’t increase 11% over the same period, as when I recollect my school mathematics skills, that would mean the numbers of books sold would have reminded static.

Meanwhile, adults are reading 4% less books. I find that hard to understand with all those sales of Amazon products. It’s probably that many people are buying more 99 pence e-books rather than paying sensible prices so authors can make a living – but you can’t blame the readers for taking advantage of good sales and marketing? In a recession, cheap books are a good idea.

The story is also a great excuse for the Daily Mail to print a few words about this story backed with lots of large photographs of young-ish (mostly female) film stars to suggest that it’s film/book tie-ins that are selling well  – and they’d be right.

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  1. Denise says:

    Feb11 Very dissapointing book, he has wtreitn better. Love your blog and your graphics. Also loved seeing the NickHotel looks fun & I don’t even have kids.