Will Your .mobi File Read Well On Your Nook?

Many self published writers, worry about which format people choose to read e-book’s in the comfort of their own home or elsewhere. There are many decisions to be made about which file type you can use so that people can read your fiction at their own leisure.

Where you choose the ePub file method, the majority of e-readers will happily produce your book in front of them. When you’ve chosen Amazon, the file will not be read on any other e-reader without converting the eBook .amz or .mobi format.

This website has produced a wonderful chart showing you which file types can be read on different eReaders.

The best plan is to consider all of the various options before you go to print, or eBook, so that you can sell your books in the right market place. Some, like Amazon, have specific schemes where you can only sell eBooks on their website, not even your own, during a certain time period.

Planning ahead is essential if you are to give all readers the chance to browse your books and not alienate a potential customer because they have a different eReader, incompatible with the files you have uploaded.

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