Who doesn’t love testimonials?

I enjoy genuine testimonials.

Here’s my most recent:

Stephen- Thank you for your thoughts, help and direction with my situation. It gave me some clarity on the subject and eventually the power to negotiate the best deal for me! Best to you always.

The person in question was having some screenplay problems – getting the other partner to accept that a verbal contract existed. After a few pointers in the right direction and with the threat of involving a lawyer and those associated costs, an agreement has been signed, sealed and delivered. More importantly, the first cheque/check was written and cashed.

The moral of the story is important. However close or distant you are from the person you intend to collaborate with, have a contract drawn up early. Many free samples are offered around the internet. Something relatively simple is better than nothing.

Here’s the WGA’s version

Even if you update the contract later, it is better to have a starting position that doesn’t rely on hearsay and verbal communications.

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