What Happens To Your Kindle Collection When You Die?

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Keeping 1000+ books on your e-reader is a great way of keeping your collection together and if you don’t wish to individually download them one by one from Amazon or another provider if your Kindle or Nook (insert your favourite e-reader) fails permanently, you may be storing them on your computer hard disk (also in case your provider goes down one day) or in an online cloud location.

What happens now if you own more books than the capacity of your eReader? Your answer may be perfect for while you’re alive, but what happens after you die?

The same situation applies to your MP3s and video files. While you were using printed books, DVDs and CDs, you, as the owner, can pass them on to a specific person or perhaps a charity after your death, in a valid last will and testament.

Digital rights are different

Unfortunately, digital rights are very different and while you own the rights to use the property while you’re alive, those rights evaporate when you die.

While the problem isn’t with your family downloading your files after your death and then refusing to use them because they may be breaking the law, the real difficulty is with your loved ones knowing where you keep your files and the necessary passwords required to access them.

While avid readers still treasure printed books, real DVDs and CDs, those that feel great to the touch are gradually being replaced by digital files and you can probably see the day when digital files are the only option for you to purchase your favourite book, film or music.

While you are beginning complete conversations with your family about all of your online data, digital storage and access to passwords, a valid last will and testament will inform all the necessary people about the physical items you are leaving.

Access to your digital files will only be possible if you update individuals by giving them your security passwords and update those people whenever you change from *kindlefiles1 to *amazon2.

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