Was London 2012 the best Olympics ever?

Yes. Why?

  • From the London team’s introverted showcase at Beijing’s closing ceremony
  • To the torch relays that told stories that last forever
  • The incredible opening ceremony – real history and Mr Bean, Bond and Beckham
  • For inventing a better way to light the beacon
  • For coming in under budget
  • For the safety and the security, the armed forces
  • For the excellent organisation by the London 2012 people from Lord Coe to the deliverance team
  • For the stadiums and the atmosphere everywhere
  • Not for the price of water, food, ticket allocation to those who failed to turn up and the sponsor’s rigorous demands
  • For sports people giving their all; their emotions on winning, their emotions at finishing in any position when they gave everything
  • For athletes prepared to honour their flag
  • For making women’s football more enjoyable than the men’s
  • Not for the USA’s women’s team celebrations and embarrassing boasting after their gold win
  • For the real life stories behind the athlete’s efforts over years of training
  • For the friendliness of the competitors and taking pleasure in other people’s wins
  • For the volunteers who said hello and did their job, unrewarded, monetarily, but with stories to tell for life with a vast smile
  • For drug assisting performance appearing to almost disappear
  • For no one particular athlete becoming the leading light of the show; your name your own personal stars with a joy in your heart
  • For the British public who showed us all how to follow every team and not gloat when winning or wallow when losing
  • For the BBC’s first class coverage, but not for some broadcaster’s attempts to ruin the occasion
  • Even for Boris Johnson
  • For women who entered from countries as never before and for those who gave their best when it was clearly nowhere near Olympic standards
  • For your own personal memories of those magical moments from athletes from your own country and from other countries you knew nothing about, yet now yearn to learn more
  • For the host country performing way beyond expectations with great home support – 1 in 8 athletes won a medal – and mostly in sitting down sports (cycling, rowing, sailing, canoeing, equestrian, and the finish of the long jump)
  • For the closing ceremony, especially Ray Davies’ Waterloo Sunset, Eric Idle, The Beatles and who didn’t shed a tear for the late John Lennon’s appearance, his peace anthem, from the world peace ambassador
  • For HM The Queen being such a great sport and enthusiast for her nation and others, not just the Commonwealth
  • And personally, I have never sweated so much and been so emotionally drained, thousands of miles away, willing athletes over the winning line, whether winners or not
  • And for the sports I would never have contemplated watching before
  • And for the biggest cliché of them all; it’s not about the money, it’s about the taking part; it’s not about winning, it’s about doing your best. We saw plenty of personal gold medal performances by thousands of athletes.

Looking forward to Rio, already.

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