The Mountaintop – The Play

Katori Hall’s award winning play play, The Mountaintop, has been a great success in the West End and Broadway, so I was very pleased to be able to visit the play on location and interview the producer, Melissa Simmonds.


I missed interviewing Hanna Berrigan, the director, by minutes, but I hope to catch up with her on another occasion.

Hanna Berrigan, the director, sat in with the audience, taking occasional notes, which proved the faith she had in the cast and the crew to perform without any further involvement from her leadership, showing that the hard work had been completed before the opening night.

Here’s my review of the play and here’s my interview with the producer, Melissa Simmonds, where she offers some personal insights into what drives her on.

These actors fill the stage with their often amusing and clever banter while both understanding the seriousness of the situation and how important Dr King’s role in the civil rights movement was both to America, and to the rest of the world. He does mention The Dream, in case you wondered.

You can follow the work from the Gale Theatre of Barbados and London, here.

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