Still talking about eBook prices

Dennis Johnson of Melville House scribes an article from a Declan Burke commentary from the Irish about the correct pricing for an eBook. Authors obviously want the price as high as possible, but you cannot blame the customer for wanting a deal and a price that arrives as close to free as can be less than a dollar.

The article – Why should the price of ebooks . . . be on the floor? – carries the debate further on behalf of the writer. Author Stuart Neville (The Ghosts of Belfast) asks

“Do they think a year of my life is worth less than $9.99? Do they really believe that 10 to 12 hours of entertainment isn’t worth the equivalent cost of two or three coffees, or less than two beers?”

I agree with the comment, but no, the paying customer doesn’t really care about the time you’ve spent working on your epic; they just want to read good or great books. A film production company might spend a hundred million dollars on a top line movie with quality actors, but in some regions, its perceived value is still on the price of a ticket – some 10-15 bucks.

It is up to the authors everywhere to educate the customer about the enormous work going into the feast they are reading, so they believe it is worth spending one cent short of ten dollars for your 300+ pages.

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