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Stephen- Thank you for your thoughts, help and direction with my situation. It gave me some clarity on the subject and eventually the power to negotiate the best deal for me!  Best to you always.

This script seems soooooo much closer to what I imagined !!!! Thank you for doing such a great work.

Everything you’ve suggested has been such a great help. Thank you


Think of me as a professional script doctor.

Do you have a script/screenplay/theatre play that you want to improve, but don’t know how to do it?
You have your finished script. You think you’re ready to send it out to the industry.

Then you realize you’ll only get one shot at it – your script must be great, the very best it can be, not just good. You should check it first with a professional.

In terms of money, this may be the best investment you can make in your career.

To get a real player to give a full assessment of your script the way any key screenwriter’s script would be evaluated and to know your weakness and your strengths is a priceless piece of information. Hollywood may be legendary in many respects, but it functions to make money. If someone is going to buy your screenplay for $250,000 or more, they’re going to want to know they’ve got the goods and this is one way of your knowing whether you’ve got it.

For you, I’m going to look for screenplay structure. What happens when is important.

I’ll look at format; the industry expects to get screenplays in one format only; any other and the reject pile just got closer.

I’ll look at the plot, the theme, the protagonist, the antagonist, the dialogue, the characterizations, the tension, the character arcs, the resolutions, the conclusions, the commercial potential, and whatever you specifically ask for. You might want the ending to be stronger; just tell me what you want me to look at.

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