Marketing by the Day for Writers

Social Media Marketing ROI Graph - Blue

Social Media Marketing ROI Graph – Blue (Photo credit: Alan O’Rourke)

Do something every day. The majority of writers prefer to think of themselves as people who write, for fun, to earn a living and provide a range of people with entertainment. Most writers do not consider themselves as marketing executives, but in the modern world the majority of scribes have to master marketing as well as a wide range of business skills.

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, the Internet is large, available and provides you with a substantial amount of competition. The best ways to compete are to constantly strive to write your best work, but also to effectively market your skills in the marketplace.

Consistency is a substantial element that helps guide your marketing abilities. It doesn’t really matter what you do every day, as long as you do something from your marketing list – you have a long list don’t you? If you don’t have a list of marketing tasks, then your first day should be all about compiling your task list.

What to do, every day?

High quality work and consistent marketing will, over the course of time, but not overnight, put you in a good position for clients to find you and ask you to quote for their next job.


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