Hire the writer

This Hire The Writer page lets you know how to hire me as a writer for you, either in my name or in your name, with me as your ghost-writer.

  • Please make your first contact via the Contact page. When I reply you’ll have my email address. We can always talk over the phone or via Skype. Communication is important so I try to make it easy for you.
  • Just tell me what you want. If you have an indication of how many words and any particular preferences, please just go ahead and say. If you know what budget you have for the project, it helps to give guidance to my proposal for you.
  • We both check that I can meet your needs, depending upon the type of project, the available budget and deadlines. If I cannot help you I will always say so and direct you to someone who may be more suitable. For example – I cannot and would not write a medical textbook on brain surgery.
  • We will sign off on your contract or my letter of agreement. If you require a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, then I will be pleased to agree.
  • All work will travel by email, but if the work is long term blog posting, I can post direct if that is your choice.
  • I will meet your deadline. If you require a lengthy piece of work, for example – a novel, screenplay or nonfiction book – I can send part of the writing at agreed stages during the process if that helps you.
  • Finally, after you have published the work, please tell all your friends and colleagues about my excellent writing and service. I will ask you for a short testimonial at a later stage.