Helping a musical

Friends may be relieved to hear that I’m not writing a musical, but have been giving some tender loving care (often called script doctoring) to a musical.

After the incredible success of Mamma Mia with Abba’s songs and We Will Rock You featuring Queen’s music, musicals have taken over the theaters. You will be hard pressed to find a play to watch featuring a spot of intrigue and maybe murder.

My client has written a screenplay, based on the music of an international superstar. Negotiations for the said star to release the works (the songs) to the movie are already underway. Instead of using the stage route for this musical masterpiece the client has decided to go straight for film. No doubt, once it has proved successful, it will be adapted for the stage. However, the special effects will need some revising for the stage version.

We found some common areas where the screenplay requires a little editing and some minor tweaks. The client has immersed themselves in finding out how a screenplay should be written with all the abiding rules and regulations that apply to anyone who wishes to become successful.

The end product looks really good and as soon as the confidentiality clause has been lifted I’ll be first to help with any publicity. This screenplay is a sure winner and I was pleased to play my small part in helping it become even better.

I made a number of suggestions, some which have been applied and some that have been discussed and then pushed aside. Of course only the screenwriter knows why he or she has placed certain scenes into their screenplay. The outcome is simply marvelous.

I will ask for a testimonial which will show how I may be of advantage to other people who have a screenplay they would like to move from good to great. Click that contact button!

I have asked for tickets to the premier.

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