Here are some examples of my work. Please feel free to look over them, although if you want to use them, you’ll need to ask first. Thanks.

Completed the entirety of this UK 90 year old’s book website over at

I have written hundreds of articles on a range of subjects. Most I can’t show here for reasons of confidentiality because they have been ghost written, which means that someone else has published them under their own name; paying me as a writer-for-hire.

Here are a few current examples:

The Mountaintop – play review
Interview with theatre producer Melissa Simmonds
Estate Planning or Dreaming
Writing Characters and Locations
Screenplay Copyright

Writing Samples
• Living Wills: The Best Way to Prepare For The Worst  Living Wills introduction
• 50 years of Sir Alex Ferguson – is that all? Sir Alex Ferguson
• The Importance of Aloe Vera Aloe vera – drink, creams and health use.
• Should I Start a Business? Business start up – Entry level guide

Additional Writing Achievements

• Fiction Novel – Chasing the Will
• Nonfiction – From Old Trafford to Barbados
• Theatre play – Reunion in the Sun
• Standup comedy script – Live in Concert
• Short stories compilation
• Radio play – Difficult decisions

• Here’s my film review for the Movie ‘Hush 3: Twisted Innocence’ in the Barbados Today newspaper – go to the second page of the PDF.

• Same movie, different newspaper‘Hush 3: Twisted Innocence’

Blog writing
• I used to write twice a week for LSUK, but the owners sold to a larger company who refuse to use a blog. I have migrated the content to another WordPress website for reference
• I also write all the content for

Magazine articles

• I wrote the football articles for Scoop magazine in their May 2007 edition. They’re at If the link is down (as it often is!) I have copies I can email.
• Here are some sports articles I’ve had published in my name. You can click on the links to go see where they’re published (but a little bird tells me the website is up some days and down just as often) – I have the originals if you would like to see them):

A couple of pages from a screenplay here