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You’re always looking for more business – right?

I can show you how to boost your business by writing an inexpensive eBook for you.

It seems like everyone has a Kindle, a tablet computer or an eBook reader of some kind or another. Some people prefer to look at short documents on their mobile phone!

You can add substantial value for your customer by giving them a free eBook that you have compiled.

Alternatively, you can sell your eBook to bring more bottom line profit to your business.

You will be able to share unique information with potential customers who will surely come to you with their business when they need your services. With a professionally written eBook, they will learn to trust you and will recommend you to their friends and family.

Your company eBook can include:

• News about your business
• Example case studies
• Special reports about industry trends
• How to guides that compliment your products or services
• Toolkits that enable people to solve easy problems and come to you for the more complicated issues

The benefits of producing an eBook:

• They can be short documents; 10-40 pages
• They are inexpensive to produce
• They are easily distributed locally or globally
• They help you establish or promote your brand
• They show you as the expert in your field
• They help you grow your potential customer list
• They boost your website’s SEO influence

But there’s one thing you need to create the perfect client magnet eBook – professional writing. That’s where I come in. I am a professional writer who writes eBooks to customers’ requirements. I can ghostwrite an eBook on a topic of your choice, which means you get the credit for it and build your authority and expertise in the eyes of your customers.

And that’s not all. I can help you with:

• choosing the right format for your book: Kindle, ePub or PDF
• designing a cover that will get your book noticed on your website or on Amazon
• writing content for an eBook landing page that makes your site more prominent in Google search results

Whether you choose to sell it on Amazon or give it away for free, your own professionally written eBook can become one of your most powerful viral marketing tools.

You want to see a sample eBook I’ve written, first – yes? Contact me and ask for a sample eBook and I’ll send one over to you by return.

Check out my eBook Frequently Asked Questions and contact me if you have questions about the packages I provide.

Here’s a list of my fees.