E-reading finds a home in the UK

The Digital Entrainment Survey commissioned by Wiggin confirms that despite UK citizens having to pay more for their e-readers than US customers, around one third now own an e-reader.

Festive and New Year sales must have been good for e-readers because one third of the population now own the latest gadget; up 21% from 2011.

Almost 50% of people read printed books, but that’s down by 4% over the year

The survey claims that almost 40% of people haven’t plans to buy an e-reader so printed book sales look set to remain for a while longer than the all doom and gloom merchants would have us believe.

The downside of e-reading is the 31% who claim to have downloaded pirate books for free, but free e-books are available from Amazon issues almost every day.

The UK, despite the higher cost of buying both the e-reader and e-books which are charged sales tax (VAT) sees a very healthy period ahead.

This leaves two pointers:

The survey begs the question concerning the 50% who don’t read books. Why don’t they read when reading is so educational and entertaining?

Those 40% who don’t expect to buy an e-reader contain many who haven’t played with a good quality e-reader and many would change their mind quite soon after a few minutes alone with the new gadget.

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