Can we really trust eReaders?

Harris Interactive have issued a recent poll looking at book readership on eReaders and the old fashioned way of reading a book – in the printed format and their results are not surprising – eReader readership is up considerably this past twelve months.

Who uses an eBook reader?

Almost one third of book readers now use an electronic device, be it a tablet computer or a dedicated eReader gadget. This means that 72% are still without a Kindle or a Nook or Kobo, Sony eReader or a tablet computer like the Samsung Tab or the iPad and are still turning pages – or they would be if they actually bought a book. Last year just 15% claimed to use the gadget of the moment and even less – 8% – the year before.

Three of the main groups of people (18-35, 36-47 and 67+) each have around 30% using an eReader. Only the 48-66 group falls to just 24% of people using a gadget to read books.

Book purchases

Apparently 29% of people didn’t buy a book in the past year and 36% of eBook readers have gone untouched.

Interestingly, just 11% of people bought 21 or more books during the year, up from 9% in the previous year but down from 12% the year before. For some strange reason the number of people reading 21+ books a year has stayed the same these last three years, meaning more are borrowing books than buying them.

The future for eBooks

Just 13% of those polled say they will be purchasing an eReader this year, which will disappoint Amazon and its competitors, but while tablet computer sales increase rapidly with new arrivals announced from Apple and expected from Google, Samsung and Asus soon, those figures may be twisted higher quite soon.

Between 50% and 77% claim they won’t be buying an eReader sometime soon. The recession is still biting hard, but these gadgets are at the lower end of the scale for some, so you can expect high sales throughout 2012.

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