Can printed books fight back against eBooks?

Can a library be a library without books? A library in Texas thinks so.

Meanwhile, Stephen King is not going down the eBook route for his new fiction novel. For a time, his next book will only be available in print only, to help book shops sell some in print book. No doubt the novel will be available in Amazon and other eBook formats on those illegal download websites the day after the book is released in print.

eHead for reading printed books

Some writers believe eBook sales are looking good.

EBooks are here to stay, but so are printed books. It’s just a case of where and how you wish to read. Children will always love printed books, but it will be interesting to see how many two year old children have their own tablet computer in a decade, if  not now. The less developed counties will get even further behind for young people’s education unless tablets for young children can cost almost nothing, or be delivered for free.

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