Book sales are on the way up

While self employed publishers manage to secure similar profits per book for both print and eBook versions, they will be delighted to hear that the most recent sales figures for the first half of 2012 show that e-book fiction has risen by 188% year-on-year and paperback book sales have dropped just 0.4% in dear old Blighty.

The figures suggest that sales of paperbacks and hardbacks have peaked, but you can only look back in two or three years to prove the suggestion right or wrong.

Unfortunately, if you take a snapshot of Amazon’s top selling E books, too many of them are priced for less than a pound, with none daring to sell for more than £3.50.

The recent Kindle release, with full back lighting, will probably take over as the bestseller in the long-term, despite lots of competition from kindles other models and those who prefer other e-book readers.

People are buying more books overall, with all book sales up 6.1% on the year in real turnover – actual pound notes, if they existed, which they don’t. With so many books being given away at such low prices, authors cannot make a living, which proves that the number of book sales is considerably, compared to when books were sold so authors could make a living from sales alone.

Further good news follows as the Publishers Association suggests that sales of non-fiction and children’s books also increased during the same period.

With authors being told today that Microsoft Office 2013 packages are ready soon, they will have to sell a few more copies of their self published books to be able to purchase the software.

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