What they say

I don’t particularly like testimonials on websites. After all, I’m only going to show the good ones (which they all are, of course) – aren’t I? If you’d like to add a testimonial, please to send me something nice via the contact page.  Many thanks in advance.

In the interest of those who do wish to read testimonials, here are some for you to browse through:


“This script seems soooooo much closer to what I imagined !!!!

Thank you for doing such a great work.”

N.T.  – (Movie producer) The screenplay was written by Stephen Hall  from an idea by the producer. The movie is being prepared in New York, USA. Experienced director and actors attached. The title and movie information is currently confidential, but will be released shortly.


“They really liked this one” & “Here’s one (of yours) they liked previously”

WM – Regular comments during writing 240+ blog articles for a client.


“I think your work is very good and I loved the new title that you have suggested”

RK – for a ghostwritten movie treatment and synopsis

“I like what I read – interesting”

VW – director, for a play

“The client loves the articles and especially the quality.”

S – airline magazine style ghostwritten articles

“Many thanks for all your excellent articles which you have been posting”

Andrew Ferdinando – online sports blog

“The pieces themselves are well written”

S – credit card magazine style ghostwritten articles