You will see examples of a variety of my work on the PORTFOLIO page. This page shows you some of other writing work.

I have written hundreds of articles on a range of subjects. Most I can’t show here for reasons of confidentiality because they have been ghost written, which means that someone else has published them under their own name; paying me as a writer-for-hire.

I write the kind of books, screenplays and theatre plays I likes to read – not eminent literary fiction, but humorous light entertainment that readers will enjoy while they escape from their daily lives for a few hours. Current works include:

Novel & screenplay – Chasing The Will

In ‘Chasing The Will’ when Londoner Harold Webber dies, his daughter discovers that his Will has been forged by two serial scammers who prey on lonely, elderly people to steal their properties and estates. The police won’t help so Webber’s daughter teams up with his lawyer to expose the fraudsters. Enter a young American blonde who says she was Webber’s last lover and was promised everything. Likewise a Barbadian beauty. Are they gold-diggers or is one of them telling the truth and who will claim the estate?

Two more books in the series are outline planned as are two completely separate fiction novels.

Play – Reunion in Barbados

Reunion in Barbados is about friends in a high school inner circle who agreed to meet in Barbados twenty years after leaving school. Finding their friendships and loves have changed and talking though the death of one of their clique, truth reveal a murderer with dreadful consequences.

Screenplay – Stand Up or Fall Down

Hilarious stand up comedian Paige Brooke fills the theatres by night as by day her life falls apart. She needs to guarantee her children’s home and education before authorities remove them, permanently.

Nonfiction book – Old Trafford to Paradise

Amateur Sunday league footballer, gifted the opportunity via charity work to play for Manchester United at the Theatre of Dreams, reaches the age where the boots should be hung up. Luckily, a move to Barbados extends his football career, giving five more seasons learning how to play the game again, while living life in a tropical paradise.

Copyright works

If you’d like to represent, publish, or perform his plays, contact Stephen Hall direct.