50 Kisses Film Premiere 13th Feb 2014

Legendary filmmaker, Chris Jones, known for his Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks and the London Screenwriters’ Festival, thought “For one reason or another, many emerging screenwriters and filmmakers find it difficult to get that all important first credit on a large scale project, one that get lots of press, IMDB listings, real world reviews and massive internet activity. That’s why we came up with ’50 Kisses’ – a competition to find fifty new screenwriters, fifty new filmmakers, to make one feature film to be released in cinemas in the UK and USA and screened on TV.”

Here’s the link to the 50 Kisses website.

50 kisses

The link for every writer and director was set around a Valentine Day’s theme.

Race forward to 13th February 2014 and the film will see its London World premier as the final product from the 2,000 or so screenplays entered or the competition. Here’s the link to the trailer.

Screenplay writers are not always great filmmakers and vice versa, so matching writers with producers and directors was a fun task. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film and then later on, to buy the DVD.

Well done, Chris Jones, for yet another great leap forward to help film makers throughout the UK and elsewhere.

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